Pantone Colour of the Year

‘Classic blue is a reassuring shade of blue, it's full of calm and confidence and builds connection, it highlights dependability, trustworthiness, credibility and constancy.’

These are the words of Laurie Pressman Vice President of the Pantone Colour Institute, who this year named Classic Blue (19-4052) Pantone Colour of the Year.

Yes, all of that describes one colour and what the Pantone Colour Institute have interpreted from what you might think, is a fairly basic shade of one of our primary colours.

The institute have been naming a colour of the year for over 20 years, these colours influence product development decisions in multiple design industries including; fashion, interiors, industrial design, product packaging and graphic design. No corner of design is left uninfluenced.

How on earth does someone pick a colour of the year, we hear you say. Well, it’s a well-planned out selection process that requires thought out consideration and trend analysis. Pantone’s colour experts comb the world looking for new colour influence from all areas; entertainment, travel, art, fashion, design, lifestyle and socio-economic conditions.

Classic Blue is one of Elizabeth Parkers fail safe shades of blue, we’ve got a wide range of cufflinks in this family of blue, two of which feature in our new ‘Sense of Texture’ collection. We’ve got classic and contemporary designs in this ‘on trend’ colour. 

Pressman also said that this blue ‘matches sky at dusk, it speaks to our feelings of anticipation, when you think about the sky at dusk – the day isn’t over, you’re thinking what’s ahead of us?’ the perfect quote for formal wear. Add a classic blue cufflink to your evening wear in anticipation for the night ahead.

It seems that the colour of the year really does represent new beginnings and anticipation of change, perfect for the start of a new decade.