• Thoughts for a New Year

     2021 starts with hope, with the very welcome roll out of a Covid-19 vaccine the end of the tunnel is very much in sight. True, we are still very ...
  • Get the Look - Black Tie

    Nothing says Elizabeth Parker more than a black-tie event where formal wear comes into its own. Black time implies importance; award ceremonies, a milestone birthday party, a grand wedding or a prestigious ball. Some of these events will be reflected on as amongst the greatest memories of someone's life.
  • Undeniably Romantic Rose Gold Wedding Accessories

    Rose gold is becoming increasingly popular for weddings, because it combines the glamour and elegance of gold with a delicate pink hue, making it ...
  • International Womens Day - Getting to know our Managing Director and Head of Design, Shan Burdett

    As we celebrate International Women's Day today, we thought we'd shine a light on our all women team here at Elizabeth Parker. A diverse group of women help make Elizabeth Parker what it is today, from design to accounts.
  • The History of the Pocket Square

    The Modern Gentleman definitely embraces the Pocket Square, and it has enjoyed a boost in popularity. As it becomes more acceptable for men to also have an interest in clothes and style.
  • Pantone Colour of the Year

    Classic Blue is one of Elizabeth Parkers fail safe shades of blue, we’ve got a wide range of cufflinks in this family of blue, two of which feature in our new ‘Sense of Texture’ collection. We’ve got classic and contemporary designs in this ‘on trend’ colour.